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5 Braces Friendly Recipes

5 Braces Friendly Recipes

People wearing braces need to avoid lots of foods. But instead of reading a long list of things you can’t eat, enjoy five recipe ideas filled with things you can eat. These foods are soft enough that they won’t damage your braces, are easy to chew, and won’t hurt your mouth after you’ve had your braces tightened.

Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes and gravy is easy to make and easy to eat. This is a perfect dish for the night after you’ve had your braces tightened, because it’s filling and you hardly have to chew it at all. You can find instant mashed potatoes and gravy at the store, or you can have some fun in the kitchen making your own. Enjoy this comfort food when your teeth are aching after a trip to the orthodontist.

Fish Filets

Meat filets are difficult to eat while wearing braces, especially newly tightened braces, but fish filets are much softer and easier to chew. Pick out your favorite filet of fish, be it tilapia, grouper, or salmon. Baking or grilling filets is a fun way to prepare them, especially if you have a favorite kind of sauce. Sometimes all you need is butter and salt!

Veggie Stir Fry

Raw veggies are too crisp for wearers of braces to eat. In fact, hard foods such as carrots run the risk of damaging braces. To soften the veggies, make a stir fry of all your favorites. Try carrots, snap peas, broccoli, zucchini, and more. Stir fry is easy, but veggies don’t all cook at the same speed. Look up the cook times for each veggie you’re including, and add them to your frying pan as you need to. A tablespoon of olive oil, some bread crumbs, or soy sauce will liven up your delicious dish.

Fruit Smoothie

Add your favorite fruits to the blender with a banana and some yogurt to create a delicious fruit smoothie that’s easy to consume. Fruits such as apples are almost impossible to eat while wearing braces, and, like carrots, they can damage the braces mechanisms. A fruit smoothie is an easy way to get in all your daily servings of fruit with one meal. It’s also an easy, filling breakfast perfect for someone who has just had his or her braces tightened.

Sloppy Joes

5 Braces Friendly Recipes

Image via Flickr by whitneyinchicago

Eating chicken, steak, or pork is more difficult with braces. Shreds of meat get trapped in the braces, and tearing into meat is more difficult while wearing braces. Instead, use your favorite ground meat to make sloppy joes. The meat and sauce mixture is much easier for people wearing braces to eat. Make sure you use soft buns so that you can tear them easily with your teeth.

You can still have many of your favorite foods while wearing braces. Sometimes you just have to change the preparation method so that foods become braces-friendly. Each of these dishes is easy to make and easy to modify, so you can include your own delicious twist on some popular family classics.

Featured Image via Flickr by Tom Ipri

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