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Mouth Guards and Sports

Mouth Guards and Sports

It’s important to keep your teeth healthy and in good shape. If you play sports, you know it’s a smart idea to wear a mouth guard. While many sports don’t require a mouth guard, it can help protect your teeth and your overall oral health.

Types of Mouth Guards

There are many different types of mouth guards you can choose from. No matter what you select, make sure your guard is comfortable and resilient.

During orthodontic treatment, a custom made mouth guard is not the correct choice. It will fit too well and not allow the teeth to move into the right position. Patients need to buy orthodontic specific mouth guards at a sports store during treatment.

A boil and bite guard will not work during orthodontic treatment for the same reason. Custom and boil and bite are best for after orthodontic treatment. Ex

If you’re looking for the easiest option, you can get a stock mouth guard. Stock guards can be found at sporting goods stores or some pharmacies. Stock guards are generally uncomfortable and usually don’t fit well. They are also bulkier than other options. It’s not recommended to use stock mouth guards, especially for children or anyone who has orthodontic work done.

Reasons for Use

Using a mouth guard offers many benefits. Injury to teeth frequently happens in sports, especially in contact sports. A mouth guard minimizes damage and, in some cases, can prevent any damage at all. When mouth guards aren’t used, some of the most common injuries to the mouth and teeth include tooth fractures and chips, teeth knocked completely out of the mouth, and loose teeth. Some of these injuries can lead to other problems, such as tooth root damage and loss of bone around the tooth.

Who Should Use a Mouth Guard?

Realistically, any child or adult taking part in sports activities should use a mouth guard. If you’re participating in a contact sport such as hockey, football, or soccer, it’s crucial to wear a mouth guard that fits properly. Those who have braces should always take special care to wear a guard. This will help prevent damage not only to the teeth and mouth, but also damage to the braces themselves. Children who are still developing can cause damage to future teeth that have not yet come in if they’re not properly guarding their mouth during sports.

Having proper oral hygiene includes using a mouth guard when participating in sports. You can keep yourself from serious injury by using a mouth guard every time you play. If you’re looking for a comfortable and effective mouth guard, make sure to contact your orthodontist to get pricing and more information.

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